Connectivity between China and the West is often congested due to limited entry/exit points. Taking advantage of an effective SD-WAN service is important for multinational corporations with offices around the globe. BaishanCloud's three types of SD-WAN offerings solve different aspects of these issues.

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Interoffice Connectivity

BaishanCloud's basic SD-WAN offering allows for branch offices to maintain consistent data transmission, security, and response times based on BaishanCloud's private protocol and encryption algorithms. Our transmission platform drastically lowers infrastructure costs, and can be deployed in hours instead of traditional time-consuming, hardware-dependent structures.


BaishanCloud's SD-WAN module enables application recognition and best connection projection, which increases network efficiency and reduces WAN costs. Meanwhile, WAN management efficiency is increased through end-to-end visualization management of network and apps.

  • Remote deployment and management in under 24 hours

  • Standardized software deployment for drastic reduction in labor and infrastructure hardware costs

  • Minimal configuration time and hardware dependencies for improved IT agility

BaishanCloud Cloud Gateway

For corporations looking to enhance network security, optimize SaaS performance, and improve outer network access, BaishanCloud's Cloud Gateway provides recursive DNS defense, excluding 100% of unauthorized websites during domain resolution to ensure zero contact with illegal contact.


Additionally, an intelligent cloud shield is deployed that actively intercepts ransomware, malicious commands, control servers, and DNS requests from phishing websites. Export access speed and SaaS availability, scalability, and responsiveness are improved with BaishanCloud's global network resources and SD-WAN technology.

  • Agile deployment with no hardware, 100% cloud-based

  • Protects all ports and protocols, not just port80 or port443

  • Enhances intranet security/lowers chance of internal attacks

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BaishanCloud Cloud Interconnectivity

Increasing link stability and transmission efficiency, BaishanCloud's Cloud Interconnectivity makes use of intelligent routing to greatly enhance transmission speeds while enhancing reliability and security. AES-GCM encryption algorithms guarantee transmission security, and lower PLS costs by up to 50% compared to traditional MPLS.


BaishanCloud guarantees a 99.999% SLA and can be deployed in under 24 hours, leveraging elastic bandwidth services that bypass traditional hardware and infrastructure. Our TCP technology protects against network delays and congestion issues, minimizing packet loss that may occur with standard transmission.

  • Global network and PLS coverage

  • Elastic bandwidth moderation increases agility

  • Transmission optimization reduces access delay, packet loss

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