Object Delivery

Object delivery is one of the foundations of building a fast online web or mobile application. Your static assets need to be delivered with blazing fast download speeds and great reliability.  BaishanCloud's next-generation CDN delivers these objects faster than anyone else.


High-Capacity Caching Servers.

By deploying extremely powerful machines with large amounts of cache, BaishanCloud is able to insure that requests are quickly served directly from the edge. All of our cache servers have several terabytes of cache capacity spread out across several tiers in each server: RAM, SSD, and Spinning Disk.

  • High cache-hit ratios
  • Larger local cache
  • Integrated with AWS S3

Tiered Caching Architecture.

No matter how large you make your edge caching servers, there is just no way to cache everything on them. Using a multi-tiered architecture allows BaishanCloud to cache even more data, even if it isn’t directly at the edge of the network. The tiered cache allows for longer tail content to live closer to the end users and eliminates long, slower trips back to the origin for content that may have fallen out of edge cache.

  • Expands caching beyond edge
  • Long-tail content cache
  • Prevents costly/slow trips back to origin server

Instant Content Refresh.

Rather than purging large objects from cache when their TTL expires, BaishanCloud will check back with the origin servers with a simple query to find out if the object cached is still valid, thus resetting the TTL. This method saves bandwidth at the origin servers and allows for much faster cache fills. If the origin server goes offline, we can configure our platform to respond with stale content so users will still have a like-normal experience.

  • Relieves stress on origin server
  • Faster cache fills
  • Still able to serve content even if origin is offline

Network Optimization.

Most network communication protocols were developed many decades ago when networks were a lot less reliable. Networks were, by default, tuned to be reliable rather than fast. As networks have become more dependable, service providers can now take out some of the unnecessary checks and balances in order to re-tune the network settings to focus on speed. BaishanCloud has accomplished this very effectively, boasting fastest speeds and highest throughput rates in Asia to show for it!

  • Fastest speeds throughout Asia
  • Higher throughput and more data per roundtrip
  • Less slowdown after a dropped packet
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