Live Streaming and Video on Demand

As consumer expectations continue to increase, being able to deliver high quality and reliable digital streams has a huge impact on bottom line. BaishanCloud's next-generation delivery platform has been built to provide the lowest latency for international streams in China. 


High-Speed Delivery Network

Built entirely with 10+ Gbps fiber connections to every server and extraordinary peering agreements with the eyeball networks, BaishanCloud's platform is designed for maximum throughput. In fact, we average 2-3x the throughput of any other CDN in Asia. BaishanCloud's high performance network and customizable software allows for live-stream delivery in near real time. By reducing rebuffers and stream start times while maintaining stream quality, our platform enables clients to optimize their own end users' viewing experience.

  • High Resolution Streams

  • Fast and Consistent Throughput

  • Great for Time-Sensitive Content

On-Demand Transcoding

Don’t have tons of computing power to transcode your content into the myriad of formats needed in todays streaming world? No problem! BaishanCloud's delivery platform can handle that on the fly. With just a few clicks you can serve your content to just about any device on the planet with no extra effort on your part.

  • Supports RTMP, HTTP+FLV, Push-Pull, and many others

  • Lower Origin Server Loads

  • Faster time-to-market for content


Optimized For Mobile Delivery

With mobile making up over 60% of video streamers' device of choice, making sure your content is served from a platform designed for mobile delivery is more important than ever. BaishanCloud has direct connections and peering agreements with major mobile carriers throughout China and around the world. Our adaptive bitrate technology and bandwidth-aware quality adaptation ensures end users experience the best viewing experience possible.

  • Advanced Network Optimizations For Mobile

  • Direct Peering With Mobile Carriers in China

  • Faster Application Performance

Exabytes Of Storage. UltraHD(4K) Ready!

As both the quality and quantity of content in video libraries continue to grow, streaming providers need a fast and scalable storage option. With a minimum of 25gbps required per stream, 4K is extremely bandwidth intensive. BaishanCloud's provides a cost-effective per access frequency for all your assets, and readily supports 4K streaming.

  • Handle Large Storage Footprint Required For 4K Content

  • Works With Adaptive Streaming For High Bandwidth Users

  • Meet High Bandwidth Requirements


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As per third-party testing, BaishanCloud's CDN is the fastest throughout Asia. Our network is newer, faster, and more flexible than other traditional CDNs you will find in China. On the BaishanCloud network, your end users will have the best experience possible.



BaishanCloud understands every business has unique needs, and we pride ourselves on solving all sorts of business challenges. Our loosely decoupled network is specifically designed for customizability according to each client's requirements.



With offices around the globe, BaishanCloud understands what type of service multinational enterprises are accustomed to and require. Our 24/7 service team is dedicated to building a strong rapport based on trust.