Travel & Tourism

80% of travelers rely on online research to plan and book their trips. As airlines, hotels, car rentals, and tourist destinations compete for consumers' business, end user experience when doing their research/booking may make the difference between taking off and staying grounded.

Industry Solutions

Faster Booking Time

With over 450 PoPs worldwide, BaishanCloud's network ensures that your consumers experience no downtime when they are trying to look up their next destination. Whether they are checking out your attractions or ready to book that next ticket, optimizing their experience on your website is key to building customer loyalty and driving sales. A grounded website only drives customers to competitors.

Authentic Traffic Protection

As travel websites periodically release special deals on flights and hotel rooms meant for consumers, the risk exists of third-party middlemen swooping up all the deals to resell on their own website. BaishanCloud's ATD security monitoring system is able to identify malicious/abnormal traffic more efficiently and conveniently than traditional firewalls.

International Load Balancing

Wherever your tourists may be coming from, BaishanCloud's extensive network covers every continent to make sure traffic from every corner of the globe can reach your website. Whether it is Christmas vacation in America or the Spring Festival in China, traffic passing through BaishanCloud's platform is intelligently routed to optimize performance.

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