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As "Made in China" continues to be one of the most printed phrases around the world, China remains a key location for factories of some of the largest brands in the world. With rules and regulations that govern digital traffic going in and out of China, companies often run into issues when communicating between branches. BaishanCloud helps streamline communication and intra-company connectivity.

Industry Solutions

Inter-Office Connectivity

BaishanCloud's SD-WAN offering is specifically catered for the China market, offering a leg up on traditional SD-WAN providers that do not understand the intracicies of the digital network in China. If you have offices and factories in China or throughout Asia that you are looking to communicate with, BaishanCloud's connectivity offerings get the job done.

Dedicated Dynamic Delivery

Communicating via voice/video chat, updating figures, and ensuring dynamic content is being delivered to all your factories/branches is paramount in ensuring the manufacturing process is smooth and as mistake-free as possible. BaishanCloud has some of the strongest lines for dynamic delivery that will give you peace of mind when syncing up across multiple continents, cutting down opportunities for costly miscommunication mistakes.

User Authentication

BaishanCloud's ATD security monitoring suite is able to effectively monitor, log, and modify suspicious user activity. For companies with factories and branches around the world, utilizing ATD helps prevent malicious user activity and verify user identity.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

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In less than a month, Baishan successfully deployed the Advanced Threat Detection (ATD) security system to our system. Through Baishan's ATD, we discovered a large number of security risks and vulnerabilities that were not realized before. ATD is able to find out the threats and effectively defend against in time. Because of Baishan, China Architecture & Building Press website and application received security guarantees and achieved significant improvements.

- China Architecture & Building Press

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