One second of downtime can cost retailers $1.6 billion in sales. Just one second of delay in page load leads to a 16% decrease in user satisfaction. BaishanCloud's network reduces congestion and optimizes delivery so your end users stay satisfied and don't abandon their carts.

Industry Solutions

Emerging Markets

With one of the most expansive networks across the entire world, BaishanCloud's network reaches into any market you may be looking at. As e-commerce in emerging markets throughout Asia and Africa continue to grow exponentially, working with BaishanCloud ensures you don't miss out on the next big wave.

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Cybersecurity is a major concern whenever there are online transactions, especially in emerging markets. BaishanCloud's security suite utilizes cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms to provide our clients with the best CDN security available in in China, ensuring both client and end user safety. Doing business in developing areas can be rewarding, but making sure you have a PCI-compliant partner in touch with regional regulations such as GDPR is just as important.

Rules and Regulations

While China is an enticing market, any sort of digital presence in China, especially when involving monetary transactions, is subject to what often seems like a black box of restrictions. BaishanCloud's expertise in this market extends not only to the net, but also the rules and regulations that govern it. Let us help you navigate the daunting landscape of China, so that you can focus on what you do best.

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