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Our Real-Time CDN Features

High Throughput

Our CDN shows the highest throughput in Asia. Whether it’s delivering a 4K stream or a mobile application, your users will receive the data fastest from our platform.

Intelligent Caching

Our Intelligent Caching algorithms understand the difference between static and dynamic content Maximizing cachability of all your content.

Millisecond Purging

Our platform’s ability to purge content is unique. We can remove stale content within milliseconds. This allows us to cache objects that would normally be uncachable.

Ultra Low Latency

Latency kills application and stream performance. Our platform has the lowest response times as compared to any of our competition Verified by Cedexis.


Making sure your application is performing at it’s peak is extremely important. Users will spend more time on sites that perform well. They will also be more likely to return. Whether you’re serving an internal web application and need to boost productivity, or have an online eCommerce site and need to drive up revenue, having the fastest application performance will help you achieve your goal.

Points of Presence
GBPS of Capacity


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Real-Time Learning of User and Application Behaviors

Protect Your Web App and Data

The most important part of your business is your data. You want to do everything you can to protect it. Our WAF solution protects your data without any impact to performance.

Easy VM Deployment

No complicated hardware to deploy. Leverage system you most likely already have. With a simple VMWare image and a few small network changes you can have our WAF up and running in no time.

Analytics-Driven Security Policies

By using machine learning we are able to learn your normal traffic patterns and understand the difference between every day traffic and malicious traffic. This will reduce false positives, which are never a good thing.

Intelligent Caching

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Today’s connected business platform is built on APIs.

Adapt Without Compromise

Our goal is to accelerate and secure business content while connecting seamlessly across multi-cloud infrastructure.

Protect APIs and Applications

Apply out-of-the-box security policies like SQL/XML threat protection and regular expression threat protection to your APIs.

Enterprise Grade Protection

Secure your data in-transit with OAuth 2.0, SAML, two-way TLS, data at-rest with encryption.

L3/4/7 DDoS Attack Prevention

Protect your API content from highly disruptive CC flood and brute force attacks, etc. With TLS termination at our network edge, it offloads stress from origin servers and help speed up content delivery.