Dynamic Web and Mobile Acceleration

BaishanCloud's CDN is the fastest throughout Asia. Come test how much faster your content can be on the BaishanCloud network.


Intelligent Caching

Our platform's intelligent caching engine determines which content can be stored at the edge and which cannot be cached. A number of different parameters that are taken into consideration are easily configurable via cache control headers, our self-service portal, or our APIs.

  • Configurable Caching Rules

  • Control via Self-Service Portal or APIs

  • 95% Cache Hit Ratios

Instant Purging & Configuration Changes

By leveraging a many-to-many server architecture and gossip protocol, BaishanCloud is able to populate commands or changes across our network in milliseconds.  This allows our customers to see configuration changes, fix issues, and enact network-wide purges in milliseconds instead of hours or minutes.

  • Immediate Purging

  • Instant Configuration Changes

  • Unlimited Network Scaling


Pre-Fetching and Persistent Connections

BaishanCloud's advanced pre-fetching engine is able to scan HTML, CSS, and other popular file types, ensuring these assets are cached before end users makes the actual request.  Our network also makes use of persistent connections both between edge servers and between caching and origin servers.  These connections save time when making requests, eliminating the time consuming process of constantly setting up and tearing down TCP connections.

  • Highly Efficient Caching

  • Improved Cache-Hit Ratios

  • No Waiting for New TCP Connections

Advanced TCP Optimizations

By completely re-configuring standard TCP settings, BaishanCloud has been able to dramatically increase out platform throughput. For example, adjusting sliding window scales has allowed for sending more data in a single packet. Our platform also contains features that allow for increasing the amount of data sent between acknowledgements and not ramping all the way back down immediately following a re-transmit.

  • Unparalleled Download Speeds

  • More Consistent Throughput

  • Increased efficiency in use of packet roundtrips


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As per third-party testing, BaishanCloud's CDN is the fastest throughout Asia. Our network is newer, faster, and more flexible than other traditional CDNs you will find in China. On the BaishanCloud network, your end users will have the best experience possible.



BaishanCloud understands every business has unique needs, and we pride ourselves on solving all sorts of business challenges. Our loosely decoupled network is specifically designed for customizability according to each client's requirements.



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