API Firewall

API Firewall

APIs are increasingly crucial for modern business and application governance. These web requests facilitate agility and connected business. However, with the exposure of APIs, the fears and concerns of financial implications surface. Businesses can now quickly design, build, manage and analyze APIs to connect mobile apps to data.

API Security Through Machine Learning

APIs have emerged as core integration enablers across all things IT. Today, virtually no modern technology is created without publishing or subscribing to one or more APIs. With the established CDN fabric intelligence on IP reputation, we can carry out the agile response right on target.

  • Detect malicious application pretends
  • Apply big data streaming analytics over redirection-based handshakes
  • Mitigate mobile, integration, public/private APIs



API Acceleration

With the inevitable of data exploration, threats will be looming. Threat analytics need to move faster than the malicious attemps. With Baishan’s distributed real-time log analytics and computation through Apache Storm and Kafka monitoring, the analysis is completed in seconds and threats are intercepted immediately.

  • Layer 3 cyberattack threat mitigation increases attackers’ cost
  • Zero false-positive through behavioral analysis
  • Parallel deployment model avoids becoming the traffic bottleneck

Adaptive Security Operation and Management

With the inevitable of data exploration, threats will be looming from the promises of the big artificial intelligence (AI) suppliers. Our edge processing provides the full range of security analytics and monitoring to APIs.

  • Complete Threat Investigations and Analysis
  • Easy to Implement & Fully Managed
  • Single Pane of Complete Application Security


Why BaishanCloud for API & Big Data Security?

All security is rooted back to identity. Take control from end to end of API controls by leveraging our CDN’s IP reputation, threat intelligence and advanced security. Malicious traffic is dropped at Layer 3 instead of predictable Layer 7 acks. In turn, attackers exhaust their resources in the process of flood attempts. Because we know the internet traffic computation, it’s logical to identify irregular patterns through machine learning and streaming analysis for actionable security recommendation. Baishan Cloud is trusted by enterprise customers in various verticals worldwide for cloud delivery and cohesive security services help defy the unpredictables.


Baishan optimizes your API traffic against known IP intelligence and geo-location flow. We help manage provisioning through a central dashboard with visibility and control for better business insights.


To make sense of the volumes of data and logs collected from users, endpoints and applications, we apply machine learning to advance cyber security analytics. Baishan offers the storage for large amounts of useful data and analyzes day-to-day security activities.


Optimize your big data traffic flow from Internet of Things and manage provisioning through a central dashboard. The dashboard allows you to aggregate log analytics against over custom patterns (10+) and path diagnoses (90+) for security agility and consistent posture over big data related exploits.