Advanced Threat Detection

Advanced Threat Detection

Baishan Cloud’s Advanced Threat Detection is a built-in feature of all our products. Web Application Firewall delivers real time web security that blocks malicious traffic over OWASP known web service flaws and vulnerabilities. Our virtualized WAF leverages our IP reputation intelligently from our cloud delivery platform and discards abnormal traffic flow through machine learning and streaming analytics for advanced threat monitoring. And because it shares our same real-time IP reputation with our cloud delivery fabric, you can easily create and custom rules to protect against OWASP and zero day vulnerabilities.

Cloud-Ready OWASP Vulnerability Protection

Uses multiple layers of protection to screen for threats like IP Reputation, Signatures, URL/HTTP protocol conformance, and behavior-based usage monitoring. BaishanCloud WAF helps business defend against OWASP Top 10 threats including: SQL injection, cross-site scripting, illegal resource access and more threats. Unlike other WAF products, it’s easy to install the virtual appliance in your cloud deployment. Instead of stressing over IT configuration, security experts can focus on what they do the best over vulnerabilities to prevent application disruption and yet without compromising website performance.

  • Protect Against Website Disruption
  • CDN Security Fabric over OWASP Vulnerabilities
  • Malicious Traffic is Dropped at the Edge Intelligently


Parallel Detection

Traditionally WAF deployment is linear in front of the web server. This tends to stay on the traffic path and bring down the server availability. At Baishan, our log analytic engine processes and intercepts malicious traffic pattern in parallel as they come into web server. Within seconds, our big data driven security analytics can help you avoid costly data breaches and server downtime.

  • Block Botnets with Advanced IP Reputation from our CDN Intelligence
  • Simplified Scale-Out Deployment with Virtual Instances
  • Integrate with Leading Streaming Analytics for Massive Data Processing & Performance

Software-Defined Security with Ease

Baishan’s web application firewall is a virtual appliance that can scale out horizontally to meet the big data traffic storm. Our open API interoperability with Apache Storm streaming analytics, machine learning on log patterns, and Kafka monitoring feeds the threat intelligence back into our security fabric. It’s integrated with AWS Lambda and S3 web services for further advanced monitoring.

  • Centralized deployment with Virtualized Form Factor
  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance Ready
  • AWS Extension for Aggregated Log Analytics


Why Baishan for Web Application Security?

In the cloud era, CDN has emerged into software-defined and dynamic platforms beyond just performance and speed. Other traditional hardware-based WAF is notorious for complex in configuration and frequent false positives that causes business disruption.

BaishanCloud CDN lays the foundation for solid cloud delivery with enterprise grade security. That gives visibility for web applications and API service requests in the most cost-effective way. Each incoming IP is validated with over 90 dimensional log and IP traffic characteristics via proprietary machine learning to significantly avoid false-positives. We offer a full end-to-end security solution without requiring any additional hardware, certificate exchange or network changes.


Baishan’s CDN fabric offer geo-location and IP intelligence that can proactively block known malicious origins and hosts.


Baishan’s WAF offers advanced bot detection, brute-force attack protection, XSS detection, HTTP flood and DDoS mitigation.


Baishan’s WAF offers visibility and control over advanced bot detection, brute-force attack protection, XSS detection, HTTP flood and DDoS mitigation through adaptive centralized management portal.