Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Every cloud needs agility and security. With the rise of data and security breaches in the last few years, protecting your company’s greatest assets has become one of the hardest things to do. Our Web Application Firewall and API Security together help deliver the optimized speed and security that your business needs.

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Web Application Firewall

The Web Application Firewall is a real time firewall in the cloud that blocks malicious traffic before it ever makes it to your data center. Our WAF is fully configurable to fit your traffic and business. And because it leverages our same real-time configuration engine and IP intelligence, changes to rules are made globally in an instant. All malicious traffic is dropped unexpectedly at Layer 3 for adaptive security response.

API Security Firewall

Our API firewall is built for the Internet of Things. Secure and authorize Information assets exposed via APIs are crucial for modern business and application governance. Protection over web services or micro-services can be challenging. Our API security offers a deeper inspection on service requests than WAF product. They facilitate agility and connected business. However, with the exposure of APIs, the fears and concerns of financial implications surface. Our API security solution can quickly collect, analyze, visualize and take actions against millions of API messages concurrently to identify and neutralize existing and emerging threats, bot patterns and abusive API traffic.