Video On Demand Streaming

On-Demand Video Streaming

On-Demand Video Streaming has experienced tremendous growth over the last 5 years, nearly doubling, with the introduction of services like NetFlix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and SlingTV. Users are spending almost 80 minutes a day watching digital media streams on their connected devices. Being able to deliver high quality and reliable digital streams is going to be a huge driver in user engagement and stickiness. Our next-generation delivery platform has been built with this in mind. No one deliverers higher bandwidth rates in Asia than BaishanCloud.

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Exabytes Of Cloud Connected Storage

As the amount of content in libraries continues to grow, as does the resolution of the content, you need a fast and scalable place to store it. Our storage platform is tied directly into our video streaming and cloud delivery platforms. Providing a cost effective per access frequency and extremely fast storage location for all your assets.

  • Keep Content Close To End Users
  • Reduce Origin Server Storage & Load
  • Cost Effective

High Speed Delivery Network

Built entirely with 10gbps+ fiber connections to every server and extraordinary peering agreements with the eyeball networks, our platform is designed for maximum throughput. In fact, we average 2x-3x the throughput of any other CDN in Asia. Verified by 3rd Party data!

  • High Resolution Streams
  • Fast & Consisten Throughputs
  • Low Latency Network

Optimized For Mobile Delivery

As of 2015 the majority of video streams are viewed on mobile devices. Make sure your content is served from a platform designed to deliver to mobile users. With direct connections to the major mobile carriers in China and elsewhere around the globe and our bandwidth aware quality adaptation, our network is design to stream to mobile users.

  • Direct Peering With Mobile Carriers in China
  • Adaptive Bit Rates For Smooth Streaming Experience
  • Most Content Consumed from Mobile Devices

UltraHD (4K) Ready!

UltraHD has made quite the impact on the streaming market. With a minimum of 25mbps per stream it is extremely bandwidth intensive. Our delivery platform is an excellent choice for 4K streaming.

  • High Bandwidth Requirements
  • Large Storage Footprint Needed for 4K Content
  • Works Perfectly with Adaptive Streaming For High Bandwidth Users

More Bandwidth Means Happier Users!

Our next-generation platform is built from the ground up for speed. We have the lowest response times and the highest throughputs of any CDN in Asia. By reducing rebuffers and stream start times while driving up stream quality, we enable our customers to have their users watch more content and have more repeat visitors than ever before.

Stream Faster

Time to Stream Start is extremely important. Users are less likely to watch a stream if it doesn’t start within 2 seconds of their request.

Stream Longer

The fewer rebuffers an end user experience, the longer they will engage with your content. Longer viewing = more ad revenue!

Stream Repeatedly

In addition to increased user engagement, having fewer rebuffers will mean users are more likely to return and watch again.