Live & Mobile Streaming

Live & Mobile Streaming

Live streaming and mobile streaming are on the rise in a big way! Our next-generation delivery platform has been built from the ground up to handle these tasks. We have extremely low latency live streaming, allowing end users to see the stream in near real-time. Part of this service offering is real time transcoding to enable effective streaming across many players and platforms. This lends itself well to mobile streaming too! Fitting content to user’s screen dimensions and adjusting quality on the fly to match the user’s available bandwidth.

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Real-time Live Streaming

By leveraging our high performance network with highly customize software we are able to deliver live streams in near real time. Without the major lag of some other video platforms, your users will see the content in almost real time. This works really well for time sensitive events like live auctions.


  • Zero Stream Lag
  • Better User Experience
  • Great For Time-Sensitive Content

On-Demand Transcoding

Don’t have tons of computing power to transcode your content into the myriad of formats needed in todays streaming world? No problem! Our delivery platform can handle that on the fly with ease. With a few clicks you have serve your content to just about any device on the planet with no extra effort on your side.

  • Support Many Formats
  • Lessen Origin Server Loads
  • Faster Time to Market for Content

On The Fly Stream Quality Adaptation

We want to make sure every user watching content from our delivery platform has an great viewing experience. Do that we have built into the platform adaptive streaming functionality. Be inspecting the users avaialble bandwidth and CPU in real time we are able to deliever the best stream for the resources that are available to that user.

  • Fast Steam Start Times
  • Little To No Rebuffering
  • High & Low Bandwidth Users Have a Good Experience

Mobile Connected

By peering with mobile carriers at the network level we are able to optimize our connectivity to the towers and enable more consistent connections for the end viewers. In addition to the direct peering arrangements, we have made pretty extensive network optimizations specific to mobile devices, allowing greater throughput even though the networks are less consistent than normal wired networks.

  • Faster Application Performance
  • Direct Mobile Carrier Peering
  • Advanced Network Optimizations for Mobile Networks

More Bandwidth Means Happier Users!

Our next-generation platform is built from the ground up for speed. We have the lowest response times and the highest throughputs of any CDN in Asia. By reducing rebuffers and stream start times while driving up stream quality, we enable our customers to have their users watch more content and have more repeat visitors than ever before.

Stream Faster

Time to Stream Start is extremely important. Users are less likely to watch a stream if it doesn’t start within 2 seconds of their request.

Stream Longer

The fewer rebuffers an end user experience, the longer they will engage with your content. Longer viewing = more ad revenue!

Stream Repeatedly

In addition to increased user engagement, having fewer rebuffers will mean users are more likely to return and watch again.