Dynamic Web & Mobile Acceleration

Dynamic Content Acceleration

Accelerating static content in an online application or mobile application is no longer enough to keep a users attention and keep them engaged. Accelerating changing and dynamic content is the next step to making sure your applications remain current and up to the speeds customers are used to. Our next-generation platform was designed for this task! Check out the features below.

Intelligent Caching Engine

Our platform’s intelligent caching engine determines which content it can store at the edge and which content isn’t able to be cached. It takes into account a number of different parameters which are easily configured via cache control headers, our self-service portal, or our APIs.


  • Configurable Caching Rules
  • Configure Via Portal or API
  • 95%+ Cache Hit Ratios

Instant Purging & Configuration Changes

By leveraging a many-to-many server architecture and the gossip protocol, we are able to populate commands or changes across the network in milliseconds. This allows our customers to see their configuration changes, fix issues, network-wide purges in milliseconds, not hours or minutes.


  • Immediate Purges
  • Immediate Configuration Updates or Changes
  • Unlimited Network Scale

Advanced TCP Optimizations

By completely re-configuring the TCP settings we have been able to dramatically drive up throughput from our platform. Adjusting sliding window scales up we are able to send more data in a single packet.
Additionally we increased the amount of data we will send between acknowledgements. Lastly we don’t ramp all the way back down when a retransmit occurs.


  • Incredible Download Speeds
  • More Consistent Throughput
  • More Efficient Use of Packet Round Trips

Prefetching & Persistent Connections

By leveraging our advanced prefetching engine, we are able to scan html, css, and other popular file types for assets and make sure they are in memory before the end users browser makes the actual request for them. Additionally we leverage persistent connections between the edge caching servers and between the caching servers and the origin servers. This saves time when making requests as setting up and tearing down TCP connections is a time consuming process.


  • Highly Efficient Use of Cache
  • Higher Cache-Hit Ratios
  • No Wait For New TCP Connections

End-to-End Control and Visibility

We provide full control over all of your content and configurations on our platform. We offer a self service portal with a simple and clean user interface to make configuration changes and purge stale content. If a user portal isn’t your thing, we offer APIs to handle all of those task programatically.
In addition to being able to work with configurations and content, we provide detailed statistics about your traffic in real time via our APIs. Everything from throughput, to hits per second, and everything in between.


Many case studies have found that page load times directly impact a companies bottom line. As users have more buying options and competition is greater, users will have even higher expectations.


Amazon found in a performance case study that 1 second slower page loads times would cost them roughly 1.6 billion dollars in sales. Test our next-generation CDN platform and see how much faster your site can load with a free trial.


Google found that as little as four tenths of a second was enough to drop search traffic by 20%. This of course has a major impact on their advertising revenue. Drop us an email and lets discover how we can accelerate your business.