API Acceleration

API Acceleration

APIs are the drivers of modern business and mobile applications. From real time analytics, big data extraction, to mobile games and applications, APIs make the digital world that surrounds us even more interactive. If your business relies on APIs, you will want to make sure you’re doing everything possible to make responsive, reliable, and secure. Our API acceleration platform will match perfectly with your APIs to do exactly that.

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Accelerate API Calls & Responses

Not all API calls are unique. Some calls and responses can be cached locally on edge nodes for much faster response times. No need to wait for long round trip times back to the API server to serve those requests. Our intellegient caching engine can differentiate between calls it can serve from the edge and calls it has to wait for an origin response for.

  • Faster API Response Times
  • Higher Application Responsiveness
  • Faster Apps = Happier Users


API Server Offload

We understand that your infrastructure is a limited resource which is expensive and time consuming to scale. By handling the API calls and responding automatically to cachable requests, we can save resources on your API servers allowing your business to grow without needing to increase the resources in your datacenter.

  • Reduce Loads on Origin API Servers
  • Handle More API Calls With Existing Infrastructure
  • Faster Responses From Origin API Servers

Increase User Engagement

Research has shown time and time again that applications that respond quickly have higher user engagement. We have real world customers that have seen dramatic increases in end user engagement or productivity after accelerating their APIs because of the increased performance.

  • Increase User Engagement
  • Increase User Productivity
  • Increase Revenue from Business Applications

Optimized For Mobile

We understand that mobile applications rely heavily on API calls for their content. Because of that we have built our platform in a highly mobile friendly manner. Network optimizations designed for unpredictable and inconsistent mobile and works and special peering arrangements with mobile carriers for the best paths to the end users on mobile devices.

  • Direct Peering with Mobile Carriers
  • Mobile Specific Network Protocol Optimization
  • Increase Revenue from Mobile Applications

End-to-End Control and Visibility

We provide full control over all of your content and configurations on our platform. We offer a self service portal with a simple and clean user interface to make configuration changes and purge stale content. If a user portal isn’t your thing, we offer APIs to handle all of those task programatically.
In addition to being able to work with configurations and content, we provide detailed statistics about your traffic in real time via our APIs. Everything from throughput, to hits per second, and everything in between.


Many case studies have found that page load times directly impact a companies bottom line. As users have more buying options and competition is greater, users will have even higher expectations.


Amazon found in a performance case study that 1 second slower page loads times would cost them roughly 1.6 billion dollars in sales. Test our next-generation CDN platform and see how much faster your site can load with a free trial.


Google found that as little as four tenths of a second was enough to drop search traffic by 20%. This of course has a major impact on their advertising revenue. Drop us an email and lets discover how we can accelerate your business.