Advanced Threat Detection

BaishanCloud's ATD is a next generation security product that goes beyond WAF and standard anti-DDoS.  Based on AI and machine learning, ATD solves a lot of issues traditional security products cannot. Learn more about how BaishanCloud is leading the next wave of security.


Cloud-Ready OWASP Vulnerability Protection.

BaishanCloud ATD uses multiple layers of protection to screen for threats like IP Reputation, Signatures, URL/HTTP protocol conformance, and behavior-based usage monitoring. ATD helps business defend against OWASP Top 10 threats including: SQL injection, cross-site scripting, illegal resource access and more threats. Unlike standard WAF products, ATD is easily deployed as a virtual appliance across your content. Instead of stressing over IT configuration and weighing down website performance, security experts can focus on what they do the best over vulnerabilities to prevent application disruption.

  • Easily deployed across entire edge network
  • CDN Security Fabric over owasp vulnerabilities
  • Malicious traffic is intelligently blocked at the edge

Parallel Detection.

Traditional WAF deployment is linear and placed in front of the web server. This model often impacts traffic and affects server availability. BaishanCloud's ATD operates on a analytic logging engine that processes and intercepts malicious traffic patterns as they come into the web server. Our big data driven security analytics can help clients avoid costly data breaches and server downtime.

  • Block Traffic Based on IP Logging from our CDN Intelligence
  • Simplified Scale-Out Deployment with Virtual Instances
  • Integrate w/ Streaming Analytics for Massive Data Processing

Software-Defined Security With Ease.

Baishan’s Advanced Threat Detection is a virtual appliance that can scale out horizontally to meet the big data traffic storm. Our open API interoperability with Apache Storm streaming analytics, machine learning on log patterns, and Kafka monitoring feeds the threat intelligence back into our security fabric. ATD is integrated with AWS Lambda and S3 web services for further advanced monitoring.

  • PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliance Ready
  • AWS Extension for Aggregated Log Analytics
  • Centralized deployment with Virtualized Form Factor

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