Our Customers

Our Customers

We are proud to call these companies customers. Top brands and enterprises trust us in China. They trust Baishan Cloud to deliver their business critical data, web, and media stream to their customers all over the globe. We look forward to adding you to the list of trusted companies leveraging our platform to deliver your content and keep your application safe.

Largest Internet Company in China

This company is the largest comprehensive Internet service provider in China, with it’s businesses touching social networking service, social media, multi-media services, web portals, cloud computing, e-commerce, online games and so on. Rooted in social networking softwares, it has grown to be the largest internet company in Asia in 2016.


Microsoft is an American multinational technology company that started its business in computer software and became leader in the markets of computer software, consumer electronics, computer services, cloud computing, etc. It is well known of Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Surface, and Microsoft Azure. In 2016, It is the world’s largest software maker by revenue and one of the world’s most valuable companies.


Toutiao is one of the fastest growing media platforms in China mobile internet industry. Based on data mining, it recommends valuable and personalized information to its users. At the end of Nov 2016, the amount of activate users on their platform surpassed 600 million, with DAU over 66 million. It also has more than 390,000 official business accounts created by companies and individuals.


Sohu is a Chinese leading new media platform and one of the most valuable Chinese Internet brands. Businesses of Sohu includes news, web portals, multi-media services, search engine, gaming, etc., making Sohu not only a powerful and credible news center, but also a culture center and broadcaster.


Live.me is a social live steaming platform on mobile devices for users to show and communicate about themselves. With its functions of real-time filtering, stickers, and on-sreen comments, it has been attracting more and more mobile device users to show theirs lives to public, including some online stars on Youtube, Musical.ly, Vine, and Snapchat. In less than 3 month since its landing of App Store and Google play has it become one of the top rated apps.