About BaishanCloud

End-to-End Cloud Data Services

We are the cloud data service provider focusing on data life cycle management. With strong coverage of PoPs in China and Worldwide, Baishan Cloud can get the contents and apps closer to the users securely.

Innovation with Over 65%+ in R&D

At Baishan, we take pride of creativity and intellectual property innovation. With the R&D centers in Xiamen and Guilin China, you see the open room full of energetic, extraordinary people with big ideas and determination to make the Cloud delivery better than it is today.

Deliver Your Contents to every mobile in china

At China, over 51% strong of people receives their daily information off their mobile endpoints. At Baishan, our software-defined content delivery fabric brings the speed to every mobile viewer with real-time performance.

We Create Speed

Through smart engineering, beautiful design, awesome customer support, and high energy sales and marketing teams, Baishan Cloud brings simplicity to the content performance with features that make us most productive, when and where we work best.