3 Months 180TB/Mo Test Drive

Why is a trial important?

Seeing is believing

There is no better way to test a CDN platform than with your own content. We highly recommend trying out our platform before you buy. Whether it’s testing your video streams or seeing how quickly your own pages load, we always like to see customers uses content they’re familiar with.

We Pursue Excellence

When you sign up for a trial, you will be assigned an account reprentitive and a pre-sales expert to help walk you through the trial process. All along the way we will have touch points and communicate regularly to make sure you’re getting the support you deserve and the performance you expect.

Managed trial process

Not really sure where to start? We have a whole list of best practices and considerations for running a trial. In fact, we will even help you trial multiple CDNs at once. We will deliver a completed analysis for you to review at the end of the trial period.

Customized Trial Report

Once we have completed the trial with your content, we will delivery a completed trial report made just for you. In it we will outline all the data we collected during the evaluation period and present it to you in a simple and impactful document.

Request a Trial

To request a trial, please fill out the form below. Once we have your information, a sales representative will be in touch to schedule the first meeting.

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