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Performance Matters

BaishanCloud is the fastest growing, best performing content delivery network in Asia. See how moving onto our unparalleled platform can help solve your business challenges.

Cloud Delivery

Speed And Reliability Around The Globe

BaishanCloud's high-performance, global Cloud Delivery Network is the fastest in China and Asia, as verified by third party testing. Let our top-notch network help improve your end users' experience when accessing your websites, applications, streaming video, or any content downloads.

ATD Security

Beyond WAF:

Next-Gen AI Security

Baishan Cloud's ATD is a next-generation security product that goes beyond DDoS and actively detects potential threats before they have a chance to affect your content. Our cutting-edge, AI-based security algorithm allows you to deploy our protection at the edge.


ICP Licensing

The Key to Unlocking China's Internet


Any company looking to maintain an online presence in China is required to have an ICP Bei'an License. This is one of the most common questions our clients ask. Read about exactly what obtaining an ICP License entails.



Nationally Licensed

Nationally licensed by the Chinese government to provide internet services in China, BaishanCloud offers peace of mind knowing that you are working with a provider that is well-versed in the regulations of Chinese digital space.

Around the Clock Support

Customer satisfaction and ensuring our clients' needs are met is the top priority here at BaishanCloud. With teams based around the world monitoring your requirements around the clock, we offer 24/7 bilingual support for anything that you may need.

Internationally Recognized

BaishanCloud is the only Chinese CDN provider to be recognized with "Global" service provider status by Gartner. With our extensive coverage all across the globe, BaishanCloud truly boasts global capability into any market you are looking to tap into.

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